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Keep Your FUN Goals on Track with an Emergency Fund!

So, how do emergency funds keep fun goals on track?  If you don’t have that emergency fund set aside when the emergency happens, the money you end up using is what would have been used for things like vacation, planned … Continue reading

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Reaching Financial Goals….means setting them first

Early in the year is perfect timing to reflect on what you want to see in your life in the next six-months, next year, and even the next few years. You can start on your goal today or this week … Continue reading

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Grocery Store Coupon Adventure

I already do things regularly to save money or keep expenses down. However, this year, I am going to try new, or haven’t tried for a while, cost saving ideas and methods suggested by you, class participants, money websites, consumer … Continue reading

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Getting on Track for Retirement: Six Things to Do Now

Concerned about whether you are on track for retirement?  Here are six things you can start doing now:  Start sooner rather than later. The sooner you start planning and evaluating if you are on track, the more options you give … Continue reading

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Having Credit and Bank Accounts in Your Own Name

Most people, especially women, should consider having both a bank account and credit card in your own name – and only your name.  I don’t have a crystal ball nor do most people – so you don’t know what the … Continue reading

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